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4.9.B Solve one- and two-step problems using whole numbers, decimals and fractions

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Grade 4
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    Karnika recorded the number of minutes she practiced volleyball each week for several weeks. She used a stem and leaf plot to organize the data. Based on the data, what is the amount of time in minutes Karnika practiced volleyball?
    Question Image
    894 min
    597 min
    1,224 min
    594 min
    4.9.B: Data Analysis
  • Q2
    The stem and leaf plot shows the scores given to the dogs at a dog show. Possible scores were between 0.1 and 5.0. What is the difference between the highest score and the lowest score shown in the stem and leaf plot?
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    4.9.B: Data Analysis
  • Q3
    The frequency table shows the favorite school lunches of some students. The table is missing the information for the number of students who chose a hamburger.The number of students who chose a hamburger is half the number of students who chose pizza. How many students chose a hamburger or chicken as their favorite school lunch? Be sure to use the correct place value.
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    4.9.B: Data Analysis

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