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4b - Sierra Leone's Child Miners (Summary)

Quiz by Krista Dunn

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Choose the sentence that belong in a summary of this passage.
    Soldiers used money children earned in the mines to buy supplies for the civil war.
    In 2002, experts from other countries visited the mines in Sierra Leone.
    People are working to end child labor in the mines, but hundreds of children still work there.
    Diamonds are a kind of gem found in mines in Sierra Leone.
  • Q2
    Select the sentence below that best summarizes the information in paragraph 2 of the passage.
    During a civil war in Sierra Leone, soldiers kidnapped children and forced them to work in diamond mines.
    Sierra Leone had a civil war that started in 1991.
    Soldiers in Sierra Leone tried to overthrow the government.
    Children started mining diamonds in Sierra Leone to earn money for military equipment.
  • Q3
    What is the main purpose of paragraph 4 in the passage?
    to provide background information on why diamonds are mined
    to explain why parents allow their children to work in mines
    to explain how children first began working in diamond mines
    to point out the hardships child diamond miners face
  • Q4
    Why are many children willing to work in the mines in Sierra Leone? Select a detail from the passage that help to answer the question.
    “Children often begin working in the mines when they are 10 years old."
    “Families were left homeless, and adults were left jobless. Other children lost their parents in the war and had no one to support them.”
    “During the war, soldiers would sometimes kidnap children and force them to work in the mines.”
    “Sierra Leone has many mines and needs many workers to help dig out the diamonds. Mining companies like to hire children because they can pay child workers less than adults.”

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