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4H Cell 7: ch 5 - 7

Quiz by Lous de Hoop

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    Why does Eve go and look for Gus at the High Rises one night?
    She wants him to go to the police to tell the truth
    She wants him to give her the papers and letters Martha had given him to keep safe
    She wants him to tell her what he saw on the night of the accident
    She wants him to show Martha's thrashed apartment
  • Q2
    Isaac had proof of his father having caused the accident. What was not among the evidence?
    pictures of his father's ruined 4x4
    pictures of men smashing Ollie's car
    recording of his father talking to his accomplices
    CCTV footage of the accident
  • Q3
    Why did judge Cicero pick a fight with detective Hart on the show "Judge Sunday"?
    He was angry at the injustice that was being done to Martha
    He was angry at the line-up of experts all representing the high classes
    He was angry at the hosts for not allowing him to speak
    He wanted to pickpocket the detective's keys
  • Q4
    What crime was Jackson Paige not responsible for?
    death of Isaac's mother
    thrashing of Martha's apartment
    death of Isaac's father
    death of Martha's mother
  • Q5
    Martha promises the virtual counsellor to tell her secret on the condition that .....
    she gets the chance to speak with Isaac
    she gets to see a tree again
    she gets biscuits
    she gets the chance to see Mrs Stanton
  • Q6
    The killing of Jackson was carefully planned by Isaac and Martha
  • Q7
    Eve's husband was not guilty of killing the man who attacked them
  • Q8
    What is not right about the description of cell 7?
    it has an awful looking chair
    it is dark and miserable
    it is very clinical
    there is a glass screen
  • Q9
    What does the clock in cell 7 not announce?
    the stats
    the time
    hours left until the execution
    quotes from the Bible and the Qur'an
  • Q10
    During a phone - in, three callers plead for Martha's innocence; who are behind these calls?
    Isaac & Cicero
    Eve & Max
    Eve & Isaac
    Max & Cicero
  • Q11
    After hearing Isaac's evidence during the final minutes before the planned execution, Joshua compares it to the story of ......
    Romeo and Juliet
    Much Ado about Nothing
    Crime and Punishment
    Die Hard
  • Q12
    When the stats in favour of execution are going down, who starts getting afraid?
  • Q13
    After Martha is released and Isaac is arrested, Cicero reads out a statement to the press. Who wrote this statement?
    Jackson Paige
    Isaac Paige
    Martha Honeydew
    Beth Honeydew
  • Q14
    Who has changed his / her point of view in these seven days?
    Eve Stanton
    Kristina Albright
    Judge Cicero
    Joshua Decker

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