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4.MD.1 and 4.MD.2

Quiz by Tina Knight

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    If a bottle of juice contains 750 milliliters, how many liters of juice is in the bottle?
    $750$ liters
    $7.5$ liters
    $75$ liters
    $0.75$ liters
  • Q2
    Sara measured the length of her desk and found it to be 150 centimeters. What is the length of her desk in meters?
    $1500$ meters
    $1.5$ meters
    $0.15$ meters
    $15$ meters
  • Q3
    A classroom has a small fish tank that holds 5 liters of water. How many milliliters of water does the fish tank hold?
    $50$ milliliters
    $50000$ milliliters
    $500$ milliliters
    $5000$ milliliters
  • Q4
    Lyla is baking cookies and the recipe calls for $2.5$ kilograms of flour. How many grams of flour does she need?
    $2500$ grams
    $250$ grams
    $25,000$ grams
    $25$ grams
  • Q5
    Mark's new fish tank is 120 centimeters long. What is the length of the fish tank in meters?
    $12$ meters
    $1.2$ meters
    $0.12$ meters
    $1200$ meters
  • Q6
    A jug of milk holds 2 liters of milk. How many milliliters of milk does the jug hold?
    20,000 milliliters
    500 milliliters
    200 milliliters
    2000 milliliters
  • Q7
    The science class has a water container that holds 8 liters of water. The students need to pour the water into beakers that each hold 1/4 liter. How many beakers are needed to hold all the water?
  • Q8
    A recipe requires 5/8 cup of sugar. If Lisa wants to make the recipe three times, how much sugar does she need in total?
    1 1/2 cups
    1 7/8 cups
    1 3/4 cups
    2 1/4 cups
  • Q9
    Mark drinks 3/2 liters of water each day. How much water does he drink in a week?
    11 liters
    10 1/2 liters
    12 liters
    9 liters
  • Q10
    A rectangle has a length of 4 meters and a width of 3 meters. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
    14 meters
    12 meters
    8 meters
    7 meters
  • Q11
    If a bookshelf has 5 shelves and each shelf can hold 24 books, how many books can the entire bookshelf hold?
    140 books
    104 books
    120 books
    100 books

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