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4th Grade Social Studies

Quiz by Stephanie Simpson

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the commander of the Union Army during the Civil War?
    Ulysses S. Grant
  • Q2
    How did the actions of William T. Sherman affect Georgia?
    He burned and destroyed cities, farms, and industries in Georgia as he marched from Atlanta to Savannah.
  • Q3
    Who won the First Battle of Bull Run?
    The Confederacy
  • Q4
    What were some of the major effects the Civil War had on the South's economy?
    The south lost its main source of labor, slavery and since most of the fighting took place in the South, many of the regions farms, railroads, and industries had been destroyed.
  • Q5
    What were some of the major effects the Civil War had on the North's economy?
    The North prospered. It's manufacturing and industries grew.
  • Q6
    What was President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address about?
    President Lincoln honored the men who had died there and expressed his hope that the war would end soon.
  • Q7
    What was Reconstruction?
    The process of rebuilding the South after the war.
  • Q8
    Who was responsible for Radical Reconstruction?
    Radical Republicans
  • Q9
    Name some laws put it in effect for African Americans after the Reconstruction.
    Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses

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