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51-80 WH Review

Quiz by Coach Freeman

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  • Q1
    How did dictators in Italy and Germany take power in the 1920s and 30s
    they maintained political traditions
    they resisted all forms of extreme nationalism
    The League of Nations appointed them
    They took advantage of low economic situations
  • Q2
    What was the economic downturn that occurred in the United States called?
    World War II
    The Prosperity of the 1920s
    The Great Depression
    The Nuremberg Laws
  • Q3
    What are the characteristics of a totalitarian society?
    Artists and musicians experience artistic freedom
    The freedoms of speech, press, and religion are denied.
    Artists and musicians experience artistic freedom.
    Judges and the courts are independent of central government control
  • Q4
    What was Stalin’s “Great Purge” from 1934-39?
    expanded Soviet agriculture at the expense of industry
    removed old Bolsheviks from the government
    replaced agricultural workers with technology. replaced agricultural workers with technology.
    brought about the death of millions of Russian civilians who actively rebelled against the government.
  • Q5
    How did the Enabling Act allow Hitler to establish a totalitarian state in Germany?
    abolishing the office of the president and declaring Hitler the sole ruler.
    establishing concentration camps for people who opposed the new regime.
    dissolving the trade unions and abolishing all sports activities.
    giving the government the power to ignore the constitution for four years.
  • Q6
    What were the “Nuremberg laws”?
    They banned books, magazines, and newspapers not strictly approved by the Nazi government.
    They outlawed all religion in Germany, making Hitler’s regime a completely secular state.
    They imposed high fines for citizens having loud, boisterous parties in their homes.
    They excluded Jews from German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews and Germans.
  • Q7
    . What was the Nazi’s Final Solution?
    government policies to permanently eliminate minority groups from Europe.
    Germany’s actions through the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.
    government policies creating a system of immigration for identified minority groups out of Europe.
    Germany’s plan to stabilize the economy.
  • Q8
    What happened when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?
    President Truman was charged with war crimes
    Seventy thousand people were killed instantly, and many more would die
    Japan dropped a nuke on the US
    Japan immediately surrendered
  • Q9
    What was the policy of appeasement
    official name for the Space Race
    threatening countries with nuclear weapons
    Allowing Nazi Germany to get away with violating the Treaty of Versailles
    Eliminating Jews in Europe
  • Q10
    What did war criminal courts in Tokyo and Nuremberg demonstrate after WWII?
    the League of Nations could successfully enforce international law
    Only individuals who actually commit murder during a war can be guilty of a crime.
    nations that start wars would be forced to rebuild war-torn nations
    Government and military leaders can be held responsible for crimes against humanity.
  • Q11
    What was the purpose of Stalin’s Five Year Plan?
    Make Russia a Monarchy
    Make Russia a democratic country
    Agricultural-ize Russia
    Industrialize Russia
  • Q12
    Fascism and Nazism in Europe during the 1920s and 1930s may best be characterized as —
    Forms of totalitarianism that glorified the nation above the individual
    C Types of economic systems that stressed a classless society
    A Forms of laissez-faire capitalism that promoted free enterprise
    D Two sets of ideals that emphasized an individual’s worth and dignity
  • Q13
    Describe examples of Japanese imperialism in Asia before WWII?
    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Invasion of Australia
    Invasion of Russia
    Annexation of Korea and invasion of China
  • Q14
    What was the Allies’ strategy for retaking Europe during WWII?
    Widespread invasion of Normandy supported by paratroopers and air bombardment
    Air attack of western France
    Parachuting troops into one area of occupied France
    Engagement of German forces in a naval battle in the English Channel
  • Q15
    . How was the rise of communism in Russia similar to the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany?
    In all three countries, power was seized by these new movements in wartime
    These movements relied on democratic and peaceful methods to attain power.
    Political and economic disruption helped these movements attain power.
    desire to eliminate the existing ruling class fueled the rise of these political movements.

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