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5.2 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following are listed as formal duties of the Vice President in the Constitution?
    attend Cabinet meetings and execute national security policy
    be aware of military developments and strengthen relationships with allies
    support presidential policies and assist in the administration of the executive branch
    preside over the Senate and help decide presidential disability
  • Q2
    Which of the following BEST supports the practice of "balancing the ticket"?
    The practice helps broaden a campaign's appeal by attracting voters from a particular region.
    The practice helps ensure that the best qualified candidate is included on the ticket.
    The practice helps guarantee that the two major parties will have equal chances to win.
    The practice helps select the vice presidential candidates who are best equipped to become President.
  • Q3
    How did Abigail Adams' interpretation of her role as First Lady differ from that of recent First Ladies?
    Unlike Abigail Adams, the First Ladies of today often promote particular social causes.
    Unlike Abigail Adams, the First Ladies of today have become involved in key policy decisions.
    Unlike Abigail Adams, the First Ladies of today have limited their role to that of informal advisor.
    Unlike Abigail Adams, the First Ladies of today continue their high-profile professional lives.
  • Q4
    Which amendment details presidential disability, leaving the VP in charge.
  • Q5
    Who follows the VP in the Presidential line of Succession?
    Secretary of State
    Speaker of the House
    President Pro Tempore
    Secretary of the Treasury

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