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5.3A Estimating to Solve

Quiz by Wendy Tamney

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Doug jumps an average of 13.2 feet for 5 long jumps at a track meet. About how many total feet does Doug jump?
    65 feet
    20 feet
    80 feet
    8 feet
  • Q2
    Mrs. Gray usually spends about $37 dollars each week on gas. She has estimated that she should budget $2,000 for gas for the entire year. Which statement about her estimate is true?
    $2,000 is just about right.
    $2,000 is about $500 less than she needs.
    $200 is a better estimate.
    $2,000 is about $500 more than she needs.
  • Q3
    The total area of Washington DC is 68.3 square miles. Of that area, 61.4 square miles are land, and the rest are covered by water. How many square miles of Washington DC are covered by water?
    7.1 square miles
    7.7 square miles
    9.1 square miles
    6.9 square miles
  • Q4
    The table below shows the number of students enrolled in each grade level at Hosp. Which is the best estimate for the number of students enrolled at Hosp?
    Question Image
    750 students
    730 students
    759 students
    760 students
  • Q5
    Jake can type an average of 74 word per minute. If he types for 45 minutes, about how many words has he typed?

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