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5.3D and 5.3E Solve for products of decimals to the hundredths

Quiz by Wendy Tamney

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    The walk from Arya's house to the library and back is 2.45 miles. One summer she made the trip 17 times. How far did she walk altogether?
    41.65 miles
    194.5 miles
    416.5 miles
    19.45 miles
  • Q2
    Sofia wants to buy 3 t-shirts that each cost $8.29. What is the total cost of the t-shirts?
  • Q3
    Simon's class is holding a car wash to raise money. They raise $3.25 for each car they wash. How much money will they raise if they wash 5 cars?
  • Q4
    For the cross country skiing event, it took 2.25 hours for the first runner to cross the finish line. It took 3 times as long for the last skier to cross the finish line. How long did it take the last skier to cross the finish line?
    2.25 hours
    5.25 hours
    6.75 hours
    3 hours
  • Q5
    Kamden's Boy Scout troop sells packages of trail mix to raise money for a camping trip. They use 97.44 ounces of dried fruit to make 48 packages of trail mix. How many ounces of dried fruit are in each package?
    2.03 ounces
    2.43 ounces
    2.02 ounces
    1.94 ounces
  • Q6
    Coach Morgan bought 6 soccer balls. Each soccer ball cost $16.75. How much did Coach Morgan pay for the soccer balls?
    Not here
  • Q7
    Michelle used the model below to solve 2 x 1.23. What is 2 x 1.23?
    Not here

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