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5.5.C Demonstrate Some Mixtures Maintain Physical Properties Of Their Ingredients

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 5
Science (2010)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    A mixture of beads was placed in a container, as shown below. The beads are of various sizes, and each one is made of plastic, glass, or steel. The mixture would be easy to separate because all the beads —
    Question Image
    are attracted to a magnet
    are solids
    have the same mass
    are less dense than water
    5.5.C: Matter and Energy
  • Q2
    A student made a mixture using equal amounts of salt and pepper. The salt grains were the same size as the pepper grains. What should the student do to most easily separate the pepper from the salt?
    Use a strainer with a fine wire screen to remove the pepper
    Run a small magnet through the mixture to attract the pepper
    Put the mixture in water and filter the pepper out of the water
    Use a pair of tweezers to remove each grain of pepper
    5.5.C: Matter and Energy
  • Q3
    Some people add sugar to their hot tea. Which property of the sugar remains the same when the sugar is in the tea solution?
    The color of the sugar
    The taste of the sugar
    The size of the sugar crystals
    The texture of the sugar
    5.5.C: Matter and Energy
  • Q4
    Some ways to separate mixtures are listed below. A student is given a beaker containing gravel and water. Which of these ways could the student NOT use to separate the gravel from the water?
    Question Image
    5.5.C: Matter and Energy

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