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  • Q1
    Which action completes this graphic organizer?
    Question Image
    British impressment of U.S. sailors
    British invasions of countries allied with the United States
    French embargoes on trade with the United States
    French naval attacks on U.S. harbors
  • Q2
    Which of the following events best completes the timeline below?
    Question Image
    Bombing of Fort McHenry
    Battle of Lake Erie
    Tecumseh is killed in battle
    Treaty of Paris 1763
  • Q3
    The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States. A major effect of the treaty was that-
    It restored the borders and trading agreement between the two countries to prewar status
    Britain agreed to turn the northern portions of the Quebec province to the United States
    It established negotiations between France and the United States over the Louisiana Territory
    It allowed Napoleon to escape his imprisonment on Alba and continue this war with Britain
  • Q4
    The excerpt below is referring to the-
    Question Image
    causes of the American Revolution
    signing of the Treaty of Ghent
    agreement in the Treaty of Paris 1783
    reasons for the U.S.-Mexican War
  • Q5
    The information in the table below best describes the-
    Question Image
    causes of the War of 1812
    explanation of the Indian Removal Act
    Dred Scott v. Sanford decision
    effects of the U.S.-Mexican War
  • Q6
    The stanza below depicts the-
    Question Image
    siege of Fort McHenry
    battle of New Orleans
    assault on Fort Wagner
    battle of Gettysburg
  • Q7
    Many people considered the War of 1812 to be America's Second War for Independence. One of the major effects of the was was that-
    it increased the feeling of nationalism among the American citizens
    it lead to the purchase of the Louisiana Territory to expand the country
    the United States agreed to cease conduction any further trade with Britain
    many Americans began focusing on the needs of their region instead of the nation
  • Q8

    Which sentence best completes the diagram?

    Question Image

    Congress reduces tariffs

    The supply of British goods decreases

    Congress ends the European embargo

    Exports to Great Britain increase


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