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  • Q1
    Which of these best describes climate rather than weather?
    The temperature is decreasing in a slow-moving cold front.
    The rainfall during one year was greater than the rainfall during the following year.
    Annual high temperatures in the summer have increased over many decades.
    Wind speed is changing as a storm moves through an area.
    5.8.A: Earth and Space
  • Q2
    Each school year for 30 years, the amount of rain that fell at a school was measured and recorded. Tracking rainfall over a long period provides the most information about which characteristic of an area?
    Temperature of one day
    Type of soil
    5.8.A: Earth and Space
  • Q3
    Some scientists measured and recorded local rainfall amounts and water levels at several local lakes over the summer. They compared their measurements with data from the past 30 years. The scientists concluded that the area was drier this summer than in previous years. They plan to continue recording these measurements each summer for the next decade. What characteristic of the area are the scientists studying?
    Weather, because they expect rainfall amounts and water levels to continue to decrease
    Weather, because they are tracking changes only to their local environment
    Climate, because they are comparing rainfall amounts over a long period of time
    Climate, because they are making more than one type of measurement
    5.8.A: Earth and Space

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