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5.Draftsman Gr II-KWA

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100 questions
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  • Q1
    For one cubic meter, 1:2:4 concrete using 20 mm metal, the quantity of coarse aggregate required is :
    1.00 cum
    1.10 cum
    1.54 cum
    0.9 cum
  • Q2
    The whole circle bearing of a line is 230°, its quadrantal bearing is
    W 40°S
    S 50° W
    S 30° W
    S 40° W
  • Q3
    If the fore bearing and back bearing of a line do not differ by 180°, then either one or both the ends of line, are affected by:
    Manipulation error
    None of these
    Local attraction
  • Q4
    Which one of the following is not a working operation of a plane table?
  • Q5
    Finding the location of the station occupied by the table on the paper, by means of sighting to two well defined points whose locations have previously been plotted on the paper, is known as:
    Bessels Graphical method
    Trial and error method
    Two-point problem
    Radiation method
  • Q6
    A levelling instrument, consisting a telescope attached with level tube which can he tilted within a few degrees in a vertical plane by a tilting screw is known as:
    The Tilting level
    Reduced level
    The Dumpy level
    The Wye level
  • Q7
    The permissible closing error in levelling survey is
    0.001 m
    0.050 m
    0.005 m
    0.100 m
  • Q8
    When it is not possible to set up the level midway between two points. The method of levelling to carry forward the levels on the other side of the obstruction is called
    The reversible level
    Profile levelling
    Reciprocal levelling
    Fly levelling
  • Q9
    Making the axis of the bubble tube perpendicular to vertical axis of the level is
    Curvature correction of Dumpy level
    Permanent adjust of Dumpy level
    Temporary adjustment of Dumpy level
    Refraction correction of Dumpy level
  • Q10
    The shortest horizontal distance between two consecutive contours, is called
    Apparent difference
    Contour interval
    Collimation error
    Horizontal equivalent
  • Q11
    The imaginary line lying throughout on the surface of the earth and preserving a constant inclination to the horizontal, is known as:
    Ridge line
    Road alignment
    Contour gradient
    Contour line
  • Q12
    In a land measuring metric chain the ends of link is connected by :
    Two oval rings
    Three oval rings
    Four oval rings
    One oval ring
  • Q13
    The sketch drawn by the surveyor during reconnaissance showing the positions of stations survey lines and their directions and the important features is known as:
    Detailed plan
    Key plan
  • Q14
    The use of an optical square is :
    To setting out a 45° angle
    To measure the area of a plan
    To range a line
    To set out right angles
  • Q15
    One of the methods to set out a perpendicular to the chain line is 3-4-5 method, another method identical to 3-4-5 method is

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