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5th Grade Quest: Up in the Air Magazine Quiz

Quiz by LaKeisha Jones

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    1) Why does the telescope have a mirror?
    C. It helps astronauts see themselves on spacewalks.
    D. It gathers light for the telescope.
    B. It helps scientists see the telescope from Earth.
    A. It makes the telescope look nicer.
  • Q2
    2) According to the article, how do delivery drones fly?
    D. Drones fly themselves and are monitored by pilots.
    C. Drones follow the routes of electric delivery vans.
    A. Pilots fly drones with remote controls.
    B. Customers direct the deliveries to their homes.
  • Q3
    3) Which of these is not noted in the article as a way that DJ Annie Red fights bullying?
    D. She speaks at schools.
    B. She wrote a book.
    A. She performs songs.
    C. She maintains a social-media account.
  • Q4
    4) Based on the article, DJ Annie Red would likely agree that
    D. bullies on the computer are easier to ignore.
    A. basketball is a great outlet.
    C. music is the only way to express yourself.
    B. kids can make a difference.
  • Q5
    5) What role do kids play in The Story Seeds Podcast?
    A. They come up with story ideas.
    B. They host the episodes.
    C. They read the stories aloud.
    D. They came up with the idea for the podcast.

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