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5th Grade - Unit 1 Lesson 1 Test Review

Quiz by Meghan Ginley

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    The eastern coast of the US and Canada faces the _________.
    Atlantic Ocean
  • Q2
    What landform borders the Gulf of Mexico?
    Gulf Coastal Plain
    Appalachian Mountains
    Atlantic Coastal Plain
    Rocky Mountains
  • Q3
    Coal mining helped to develop the region of ______________.
    the Canadian Basin
  • Q4
    How did the Grand Canyon form?
    It was formed when an earthquake hit.
    It was formed by an asteroid.
    It was formed when the continents collided.
    It was formed when the Colorado River cut through rock, forming the deep valley with steep sides.
  • Q5
    Where are the Central Plains located?
    South of the Canadian Shield and West of Appalachian Mountains
    East of the Canadian Shield
    North of the Gulf of Mexico
    By the Rocky Mountains
  • Q6
    Where are the Great Plains located?
    West of the Mississippi River
    West of the Rocky Mountains
    North of the Canadian Shield
    East of the Mississippi
  • Q7
    Why are the Central Plains and Great Plains good for farming?
    there is little rainfall
    the soil is fertile
    there are no rivers
    there is no space for farms
  • Q8
    Which of these landforms is in Canada?
    The Great Plains
    The Canadian Shield
    The Gulf Coastal Plain
    The Atlantic Coastal Plain

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