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  • Q1
    Who were the exodusters?
    Cowboys who worked long drives in the summer and odd jobs in the winter.
    Former slaves from the South who settled on the Great Plains.
    European immigrants who settled on the Great Plains.
    Plains Indians forced onto reservations in the 1800s.
  • Q2
    Why did little of the free land offered by the Homestead Act end up being claimed by settlers?
    The land was too difficult to farm.
    Most of it was taken by people seeking profits.
    The government put too many restrictions on its use.
    Few settlers wanted to move West at the time.
  • Q3
    Why did Plains farmers in the late 1800s tend to support bimetallism?
    It would put more money in circulation.
    It would make the nation’s money supply safer.
    It would allow them to profit from the mineral rights on their land.
    It would lower the prices of seed and farm machinery.
  • Q4
    What plan that sought to abolish Native Americans’ traditional cultures?
  • Q5
    What is the name of the Act that was supposed to “Americanize” Native Americans by encouraging in them the desire to own property and to farm reservation land distributed to Native American families?
    Morrill Act
    Dawes Act
    Homestead Act
    Gold Standard

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