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6: Bouncing Sounds

Quiz by Michelle Clausen

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Echoes are caused by
    sound waves that travel slowly.
    a person with a loud voice.
    sound wave that bounce back.
  • Q2
    When you stand several feet from a wall and shout, the sound waves from your voice
    forst enter your ears directly.
    never enters your ears.
    first enters your ears as an echo.
  • Q3
    You hear your voice as an echo when
    sound waves from your voice hit a surface and bounce back.
    your voice is louder than normal.
    sound waves travel through your body.
  • Q4
    To hear several echoes, you need to be in a place where
    sometimes mistakes lead to new discoveries.
    sound waves can travel faster than usual.
    sound waves can hit the surface several times.

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