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6 Montioring and Assessment

Quiz by Geoff Burns

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  • Q1
    From last topic. What is overload?
    When you work your body systems harder than they are working at the minute and they adapt.
    When we overdo training and get injured
    when we put too much weight on the bar when lifting wieghts
    When we eat too much before exercise
  • Q2
    What is the missing statement form this phrase. We need to monitor and assess to"Judge level of fitness, set realistic goals, stay motivated, judge progress, adjust your programme"
    to discover our pulse rate
    discover strengths and weaknesses,
    because it is fun,
    to discover what is the maximum number of sit ups or press-ups we can do,
  • Q3
    There are 4 ways we can " listen" to our body to see if you aerobic training is effective. Which below is incorrect?
    you have more energy than before
    your heart beats faster when exercising
    you are not as out of breath as you used to be
    you are able to push, pull and lift things more easily
  • Q4
    How can you use your resting pulse rate to find out if training is effective?
    take your pulse three times a week
    Take it before and after your programme has it improved?
    take your pulse once a day
    Take it while you are excercising
  • Q5
    if we test how long it takes for our heart rate to return to normal after exercise we are testing what?
    Number of repetitions we can do
    Who is the fittest
    Recovery rate
    Resting pulse
  • Q6
    One of the ways you can use distance and time to judge your aerobic training is effective is done by
    Seeing how far you can jump
    Seeing how far you can go in a set time
    seeing how quick you can complete the Ilinos agility test
    Seeing how far you can reach on the sit and reach test
  • Q7
    Tests are fair if they follow these guidelines, tests rules followed strictly, (do the same very time), for fair comparison, use same environment and conditions which guidleine is missing?
    Fit for purpose (they test what you are measuring),
    They can be done indoors
    Fit for what? (you can be fit for one activity but not another)
    Everybody can do them
  • Q8
    Which of these is a test for muscular strength?
    60 seconds press ups
    broad jump
    bleep test
    grip test
  • Q9
    "Is an activity being performed once." Is a definition of a ?
    muscular power
  • Q10
    Who has the best improved aerobic training programme?
    Jenifer's resting pulse rate has gone from 60 to 58
    James's recovery rate has gone up from 5 minutes last month to 6 minutes
    Ellen can match her times for the 800m from last year
    Simon can score 80 (Level 9), which is an A at GCSE on the bleep test

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