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6/29 QUIZ

Quiz by Lindsey Kim

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    equanimity (n.)
    calmness, composure / 평정, 침착
    the act of reclaiming or restoring / 개간
    a distorted or grotesque imitation or representation / 희화
    harsh noise / 불협화음
  • Q2
    stratify (v.)
    to go over and cover rough terrain (usually to make a road) / (도로, 바닥 등) ~을 포장하다; (새로운 것으로) 덮어버리다
    to provide evidence or confirm something / 입증하다
    arrange or classify (something) into different groups or layers / 계층화하다
    to carry out or commit (a harmful or illegal act) / 저지르다
  • Q3
    consist (v.)
    to distribute accordingly / ~에 ~을 할당하다
    to promote over another; to make more likely to occur / ~를 유도하다, ~가 더 잘 발생하도록 하다
    be composed or made up of / 구성되다
    add (something) as an attachment or supplement / 첨부하다
  • Q4
    infringe (v.)
    to emphasize / 강조하다
    to force away or back / ~을 밀어내게 하다, ~을 떼내다
    to actively break the terms of a law, agreement, etc. / 침해하다
    to do something that is not allowed / 넘어서다
  • Q5
    bolster (v.)
    to support / ~를 지지하다, ~를 더 강력하게 하다
    be a sign or indication of; represent / 나타내다
    to foretell or predict future events or developments / 예언하다
    to attract and hold the attention of (someone) by being interesting, pretty, / 매료시키다
  • Q6
    synthesis (n.)
    a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged / 관성
    a standard or pattern regarded as typical or expected / 규범
    the process by which something occurs / 방법, 메커니즘; 진행 원리
    the combination of ideas or things into a complex whole / 통합체, 종합체
  • Q7
    precedence (n.)
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed / 연약함, 여림
    event resulting in great loss and misfortune / 대실패, 파멸
    priority or ranking of importance / 우선순위
    a person, especially a young one, with exceptional abilities or qualities / 신동
  • Q8
    leisure (n.)
    fearful expectation or anticipation / 걱정, 우려
    time available for ease and relaxation / 손쉬움, 여유로움
    a large amount or quantity of / 부유함, 풍부함
    the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class / 본질
  • Q9
    scornful (adj.)
    immediate, going to occur soon / 임박한
    expressing extreme contempt / 경멸하는, 모욕하는, 업신여기는
    good at using what's available for good results / 재치 있는; 있는 것들을 잘 활용하는
    existing but not yet developed or manifest / 잠재적인
  • Q10
    incontrovertible (adj.)
    not able to be denied or disputed / 반론할 수 없는
    showing lack of favoritism; free from undue bias or preconceived opinions / 공정한, 공평한, 편견없는
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
    not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something / 어울리지 않는
  • Q11
    ecstatic (adj.)
    unconventional, peculiar / 별난, 기이한
    likely to happen or be true / 있음직한
    having or showing the attitude of people who speak and behave in a very formal and serious way because they believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people / 거만한
    extremely happy, overjoyed / 황홀한
  • Q12
    imposing (adj.)
    slim, narrow, or little in quantity / 얇은, 날씬한; 부족한, 불충분한, 제한된
    very bad or unpleasant / 비열한
    having little substance; weak (in terms of connection or relation) / 얇은, 가느다란; (연결이) 약한
    impressive or grand in appearance / 인상적인
  • Q13
    probe (v.)
    to assign to a lower or less important position / 강등시키다
    1. to suddenly increase to an unusually high level 2. to move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction / 급등(하다), 쇄도(하다)
    esteem lightly; assign too low a value to; lose in value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 저평가하다
    a thorough investigation or explore deeply / 조사하다
  • Q14
    enlighten (v.)
    to speed up the progress of / ~을 빨리 보내다, ~가 더 빨리 되게 하다
    oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; destroy property or hinder normal operations; act in opposition to; oppose or check by a counteraction / ~을 거스르다
    to clear from blame, prove innocent / 무죄를 입증하다
    to inform, educate / 깨우치다
  • Q15
    travesty (n.)
    the act of confirming or verifying / 확인
    an external appearance or semblance / 외관, 모습
    a distorted or grotesque imitation or representation / 희화
    a cell or organ that receives and responds to stimuli / 수용체

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