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6.5 Explain The Similarities & Differences In The Setting, Characters & Plot Of A Play & Film

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 6
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    Read this line from the play. What is the most likely purpose of this line?
    Question Image
    To create suspense about what the emperor will do next
    To foreshadow an event that will change the emperor’s perspective
    To resolve the emperor’s problem
    To set a tone of bewilderment
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q2
    What is the best summary of the play?
    The emperor asks to hear the singing of a nightingale that his servants have mentioned. Although the nightingale does not look beautiful, its singing is lovely. The emperor keeps the nightingale by his side so that he can hear its song whenever he pleases.
    The emperor hears his servants discussing the beauty of the palace. When they mention the beautiful song of a nightingale, the emperor asks them to bring the bird to him. While the emperor truly enjoys the song of the nightingale, a craftsman makes him a mechanical nightingale that he likes even more.
    The emperor hears about a nightingale, and when he sees it, he is impressed by its song but not by its looks. Later a craftsman brings the emperor an attractive mechanical nightingale. Since the real nightingale has been replaced, it leaves, returning only when the emperor has learned an important lesson.
    While the emperor owns many beautiful things, he wants to hear the song of a nightingale that lives in the forest. He is excited when a craftsman brings him a beautiful mechanical nightingale that sings just like the real one. He uses the mechanical nightingale so much that it breaks.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q3
    The servants’ conversation in Scene 1 is important because it —
    shows that the emperor depends on other people
    illustrates why the nightingale prefers to live in the forest
    explains why the emperor enjoys listening to music
    establishes how much the emperor values beauty
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q4
    Why are the stage directions at the end of Scene 3 important?
    They help the reader visualize the comfortable surroundings the emperor enjoys.
    They let the reader recognize the difference between the two nightingales.
    They tell the reader that the nightingale abandons the emperor.
    They allow the reader to appreciate the beauty of the mechanical nightingale.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q5
    What causes the emperor to realize he made a mistake?
    The real nightingale leaves the palace.
    The mechanical nightingale can no longer make music.
    The real nightingale grants the emperor forgiveness.
    The mechanical nightingale puts him to sleep.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q6
    What does Jonathan’s dialogue in Scene 1 suggest about him?
    He feels bad about reading the diary.
    He is deeply interested in Deanna’s life.
    He misses spending time with Deanna.
    He believes he didn’t really do any harm.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q7
    What is the best summary of Scene 1?
    Deanna and Jonathan disagree over the meaning of the words she wrote on the cover of her diary. She thinks he should not have read it, and he thinks she is guilty of false advertising.
    After Deanna finds Jonathan reading her diary, the two have a conversation about his actions. Deanna feels as though Jonathan is always going through her private things without asking.
    Deanna catches Jonathan in her room reading her diary and demands to know what he is doing. Jonathan at first denies reading it but then claims it seems like Deanna wanted him to read it.
    Jonathan is cleaning up the family room and begins reading Deanna’s diary because of what she wrote on the cover. He is disappointed to find that her diary does not contain any embarrassing stories.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q8
    From Scene 1 to Scene 2, the dialogue between Deanna and Jonathan becomes more —
    honest and serious
    tense and angry
    confused and suspicious
    demanding and judgmental
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama
  • Q9
    How is the play’s conflict resolved?
    Jonathan says he is sorry for what he did.
    Deanna promises to spend more time with Jonathan.
    Deanna explains that she has too many commitments.
    Jonathan suggests that Deanna keep her diary in her room.
    6.5: Reading - Comprehension of Literary Text - Drama

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