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6.6 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following BEST describes the Framers' attitude toward America's military power?
    Seasoned military personnel are best suited to lead and make decisions about America's military power.
    Only the President should have the authority to make decisions about the use of military power.
    Each State's militia should have a voice in decisions regarding the use of the America's military power.
    Elected officials should have the authority to make decisions about the use of military power.
  • Q2
    One of the biggest challenges facing the Department of Homeland Security is
    the department's lack of authority.
    conflicts between the legislative and executive branches on how best to protect the nation.
    cuts in the department's budget.
    the sheer size of the country and its infrastructure.
  • Q3
    The budget of the DNI, which controls the CIA and NSA among other agencies, is shrouded in secrecy because
    the agency's budget must be hidden from Congress and the President because those branches of government do not have military oversight.
    the agency must be able to conduct its work without the government and general electorate knowing the details of various operations.
    the agency's budget is part of the larger Defense budget.
    the agency's budget does not include critically important funding.
  • Q4
    Which is not one of the major military units within our Department of Defense?
    Air Force
  • Q5
    What infamous event was the Director of National Intelligence founded after?
    Vietnam War
    The Cold War

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