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6A/6B Web Development

Quiz by Virginia Kittrell

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    A location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web
  • Q2
    The raw text, images, and other elements included in a web page
    Website content
  • Q3
    This language is used to create the content of a web page.
  • Q4
    A piece of a website. Marked by a start tag and sometimes closed with an end tag. Also includes the content of the element as well.
    HTML element
  • Q5
    The special set of characters that tells the machine where the start and end of an HTML element is and what type it is.
    HTML tag
  • Q6
    The purpose of different pieces of content in a web page, used to help the computer determine how that content should be displayed
    Website structure
  • Q7
    A title or summary for a document or section of a document
  • Q8
    The collected information about an individual across multiple websites on the Internet.
    Digital Footprint
  • Q9
    A quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work.
  • Q10
    the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.
  • Q11
    A public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they have created.
    Creative Commons
  • Q12
    A work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark, etc.
    Intellectual Property
  • Q13
    Part of a program that does not work correctly.
  • Q14
    A programmer-readable note in the source code of a computer program.
  • Q15
    Finding and fixing problems in your algorithm or program.

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