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6th Grade Ch. 16.1 Review

Quiz by Meghan Ginley

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    damaging the aquifers of Dhaka and Karachi
    salt water
  • Q2
    causes the mountains of South Asia to grow taller every year
    tectonic plate movements
  • Q3
    many of Maldives's 1,300 islands
  • Q4
    soil deposits at the mouth of a river
  • Q5
    cause of a brown cloud over the Indian Ocean
    air pollution
  • Q6
    tectonic plate movements that resulted in the South Asian subcontinent to separate from Africa and collide with Asia
    How the Hindu Kush, Himalaya, and Karakoram mountains were formed
  • Q7
    farming, transportation, and trade
    South Asians depend on the Ganges, Indus, and Brahmaputra Rivers for?
  • Q8
    affect the Deccan Plateau because they block seasonal rains from reaching the plateau, giving it a dry climate.
    Western Ghats
  • Q9
    what most South Asian countries rely on to meet their energy needs
    Oil imports
  • Q10
    what the people of Nepal rely on for heating and cooking
    burning wood
  • Q11
    causes erosion and flooding
    Effect of clearing trees?
  • Q12
    contributes to air pollution
    Effect of burning wood?

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