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6th Grade Ch. 4 Review

Quiz by Meghan Ginley

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    many people live here, it is a center of farming and industry, and land is made fertile by loess
    North China Plain
  • Q2
    also known as the Yellow River from yellow silt dissolved in the water and early civilizations have settled here
    Huang River
  • Q3
    a region in SE China made of lowlands and rugged peaks that has a great climate for farming and fishing
    Guangxi Zhungzu
  • Q4
    an invention used to control flooding along the Huang River
  • Q5
    nickname given to the Huang River because it often floods and has destroyed crops and people's homes
    China's Sorrow
  • Q6
    rocky land that is surrounded by mountain ranges
    Tibetan Plateau
  • Q7
    plains, mountains, and deserts
    Landforms in China
  • Q8
    relied on the production and trade of silk
    Zhou economy
  • Q9
    invention in China used to make farm tools and weapons
  • Q10
    invention in China to make trade easier and more efficient
    new system of money
  • Q11
    built by Shi Huangdi to protect the empire from northern invaders
    Great Wall of China
  • Q12
    the dynasty when the first history of China was written, new roads were built, and civil service exams were developed
    Han Dynasty
  • Q13
    helped to unite the Han Dynasty
    Advancements in trade and transportation
  • Q14
    porcelain, paper, and ink
    Inventions during the Han Dynasty
  • Q15
    values, such as order, harmony, and ways of making the world right, began to spread
    Confucianism and Daoism's influence on culture

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