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6th Grade Vocab Test

Quiz by Kristine Allen

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38 questions
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  • Q1
    It's raining very hard.
    It's raining cats and dogs
  • Q2
    immediately, quickly, without good reason
    At the drop of a hat
  • Q3
    do something the cheapest or easiest way
    Cut corners
  • Q4
    to go to bed
    Hit the hay
  • Q5
    Do or say something exactly right
    Hit the nail on the head
  • Q6
    to accomplish two different things at the same time.
    Kill two birds with one stone
  • Q7
    to make every effort, to try one's best
    Leave no stone unturned
  • Q8
    When someone understands the situation well.
    On the ball
  • Q9
    to make or become different
    change (v)
  • Q10
    A struggle between opposing forces
    Conflict (n)
  • Q11
    The beginning of a story that introduces the characters and conflict
    Exposition (n)
  • Q12
    Most exciting moment of the story; turning point
    Climax (n)
  • Q13
    Sequence of events in a story
    Plot (n)
  • Q14
    End of the story where loose ends are tied up
    Resolution (n)
  • Q15
    How the character reacts to events in the story
    Character response (n)

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