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7/11 quiz

Quiz by Lindsey Kim

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    guise (n.)
    an external appearance or semblance / 외관, 모습
    a symbolic story / 우화
    a merger / 합병
    the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually / 능력, 역량
  • Q2
    hereditary (adj.)
    distrustful and cautious / ~을 경계하는, ~을 조심하는
    extremely happy, overjoyed / 황홀한
    passed down from parent to child / 유전적인
    not morally good or right  / 부도덕한
  • Q3
    uphold (v.)
    to wear; to show / ~을 보이다, 드러내고 있다
    to improve / 개선하다
    to make better (more sophisticated, precise, accurate) / ~을 개선하다 (더 수준이 높게, 더 정확하게)
    to support from collapsing (structure, belief) / ~을 유지하다, 지탱하다
  • Q4
    echo (v.)
    to perceive, recognize / 식별하다
    to end; or to cause to end / 끝내다
    to say again or imitate / (비슷한 생각이나 개념을) 반복/상기시키다
    to do something bad to someone who has hurt you or treated you badly  / 보복하다
  • Q5
    uncultivated (adj.)
    1. not prepared or improved by cultivation or cultivation not being applied; 2. lacking education or refinement / 경작되지 않은; 교육이나 세련되지 않은
    detected by senses; appearing as such but not necessarily so / 인식된
    not normal; not typical / 변칙적인, 비정상의
    yielding readily to; especially vulnerable to / ~에 취약한, ~하는 경향이 있는
  • Q6
    scrupulous (adj.)
    diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details / 세심한
    overly dramatic (usually exaggerated) / 지나치게 감정적인; 너무 오바하는
    bold, shameless / 뻔뻔한
    persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired / 완강한
  • Q7
    unanimity (n.)
    the amount of confidence and cheerfulness that a group of people have / 사기
    a decision by a person in authority to not allow or approve something / 거부권
    state of everyone being of one mind / 일치, 합의
    a solution / 해결책, 결론
  • Q8
    determinant (n.)
    a factor or element that determines an outcome / 결정적인 요소
    a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one / 곤경
    excessive admiration for someone / 숭배하다
    the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing / 수사학
  • Q9
    confine (v.)
    to speak in an angry and critical way to / 꾸짖다
    to annoy or bother (someone) in a constant or repeated way / 희롱하다
    to deny, oppose / 반박하다
    keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits / 한정하다
  • Q10
    revere (v.)
    feel deep respect or admiration for (something) or someone / 숭배하다
    to secretly plan with someone to do something that is harmful or illegal / 공모하다
    to make less visible or unclear / ~을 숨기다, 흐리게 하다, 잘 안보이게 하다
    to come together or gather as a larger group / ~을 모으다, (더 큰 그룹으로) 모이다
  • Q11
    exorbitant (adj.)
    serving to assist or support / 자회사
    not traditional; unconventional / 정통이 아닌, 인습적이지 않은, 관습적이지 않은
    based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions / 주관적인
    excessive, unreasonably high / 과도한
  • Q12
    correlation (n.)
    a combination or mixture of things / 합성, 혼합
    a person believing or practicing religious heresy / 이단자
    a connection or relationship between two or more things / 상관관계
    atmosphere / 분위기
  • Q13
    entrenched (adj.)
    disrespectful, lacking seriousness / 경솔한, 건방진
    harsh, discordant / 불협화음의
    firmly established and difficult to change / 확립된, 뿌리 깊은
    firmly established and difficult to change / 확립된, 뿌리 깊은
  • Q14
    unnerve (v.)
    to decrease in phase; to become smaller; to grow smaller / 줄어들다
    to disturb the composure of / ~을 겁먹게 하다, ~을 두렵게 하다
    to encourage or arouse interest or activity / 자극하다
    to retaliate, a retaliatory action / 역습, 역공
  • Q15
    despairing (adj.)
    easily seen, noticeable / 눈에 띄는
    feeling hopeless / 절망적인
    generous and friendly to guests or visitors / 친절한
    producing or using rays of light that cannot be seen and that are longer than rays that produce red light / 적외선의

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