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  • Q1
    Henry has not stated a clear position in this paper. Which sentence could BEST follow sentence 8 and serve as a position statement for this paper?
    I propose that students get a “flex” period three days a week.
    I think students are entirely too busy.
    A flex period is something I would like to talk about in this paper.
    I hope that the principal will take the time to listen to a student suggestion.
    7.18.A: Writing - Persuasive Texts
  • Q2
    Ari would like to revise sentence 7 so that it more clearly states the position he is taking in this paper. Which of the following could replace sentence 7 and BEST accomplish this goal?
    Our school should join other schools in implementing a citizenship program that will require service projects within the school.
    In this paper I’ll tell you how we can set some new goals and encourage kids in our school to be more responsible.
    We as a school can offer programs that help kids do amazing things with their lives today and add to their futures.
    School can be a place where students are part of something bigger than just academics, classrooms, and lunchrooms.
    7.18.A: Writing - Persuasive Texts
  • Q3
    Ari has left an important detail out of the second paragraph (sentences 8–10). Where is the BEST place to insert this sentence?
    Before sentence 8
    After sentence 10
    After sentence 9
    After sentence 8
    7.18.A: Writing - Persuasive Texts
  • Q4
    Ari has included an extraneous sentence in the third paragraph (sentences 11–15). Which sentence should be deleted from this paragraph?
    Sentence 14
    Sentence 12
    Sentence 15
    Sentence 13
    7.18.A: Writing - Persuasive Texts
  • Q5
    Which of the following can replace sentence 16 and serve as a more effective topic sentence for the fourth paragraph (sentences 16–19)?
    A citizenship program at our school would offer many benefits.
    Everyone knows that kids who volunteer feel better about themselves.
    Students can be involved in a variety of projects with their classmates.
    This would be really cool at our school, too.
    7.18.A: Writing - Persuasive Texts

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