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7.2 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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  • Q1
    An independent judicial branch makes a society more democratic because
    it interprets laws that are unclear.
    it protects the rights of individuals.
    it deters citizens from breaking the law.
    it enforces laws related to elections.
  • Q2
    The Supreme Court exercises original jurisdiction in cases
    involving federal crimes.
    appealed from a lower court.
    to which a State is a party.
    relating to copyright violations.
  • Q3
    If the Supreme Court denies a petition for a writ of certiorari, it means that
    the Court does not believe that the case raises any issues of national importance.
    the Court does not believe that the case raises any constitutional issues.
    the Court has chosen to remain silent on any constitutional issues raised by the case.
    the Court considers the decision made by the lower court to be incorrect.
  • Q4
    Why do you think the Supreme Court justices meet in private to discuss cases?
    To ensure that justices can speak their mind and be free from politics
    To preserve the privacy of all parties to the case
    To prevent onlookers from interrupting and influencing deliberations
    To protect the secrecy of classified documents
  • Q5
    Supreme Court justices write opinions on cases that they decide because
    their opinions are not always unanimous.
    they wish to provide a written record of the conferences.
    they wish to give credit to cases that influenced them.
    their reasoning will affect future decisions.

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