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7/20 deep learning quiz

Quiz by Lindsey Kim

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    resolute (adj.)
    very cold / 차가운
    not firm in decision; unable to make decisions timely; not significant as to ultimately decide a result / 의지나 결정이 완고하지 않은; 결정/결단을 잘 못내리는; 그렇게 중요하거나 치명적이지 않아 최종 결론을 못내리는
    grievously affected, usually by disease or an otherwise negative condition / ~에 괴로워하는; 괴로움을 겪는
    admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering / 단호한
  • Q2
    reserve (n.)
    lack of harmony, conflict / 불일치, 불협화음
    a sudden outburst or release / 분출
    a person who knows a lot about a particular subject and who expresses ideas and opinions about that subject publicly / 전문가, 권위자
    storage; stored amount / 저장분
  • Q3
    marginally (adv.)
    up to this time / 지금까지
    up until now; until this time / 지금까지
    plainly, obviously, evidently / 명백하게, 당연하게
    slightly or to a small degree / 약간, 소량
  • Q4
    substantiate (v.)
    1. to?form?or?make,?especially?by?concentrated?effort 2. to imitate (handwriting, a signature, etc.) fraudulently / 만들다; 날조하다
    to provide evidence; to make real or concrete / ~을 실증하다, ~을 입증하다
    cite or appeal to (a law, rule, or precedent) as authority / 인용하다
    to search for something / 뒤지다, 찾다
  • Q5
    brazen (adj.)
    bold, shameless / 뻔뻔한
    derived from experiment and observation rather than theory / 실제적인, 실행상의, 경험에 의한
    extremely poor, poverty-stricken / 가난한
    extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent / 애지중지하는, 끼고도는
  • Q6
    ungainly (adj.)
    incapable of producing any useful result / 헛된, 쓸모 없는
    awkward or clumsy in movement or shape / 서투른
    able to read and write / 읽고 쓸 줄 아는
    based on or in accordance with reason or logic / 합리적인
  • Q7
    suitable (adj.)
    showing great care, attention, and effort / 근면한
    lacking originality, overused / 진부한, 흔한 것
    appropriate or fitting / 적절한
    of or relating to a mother / 어머니의
  • Q8
    asset (n.)
    1. lack of courage 2. fear that makes you unable to do what is right or expected / 1. 소심 2. 비겁
    a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy / 이념
    a useful or valuable quality / 자산, 인재
    a public declaration of principles or intentions / 선언
  • Q9
    abrogate (v.)
    to abolish / 폐지하다
    1. to suddenly increase to an unusually high level 2. to move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction / 급등(하다), 쇄도(하다)
    to call to mind; to bring forth / ~를 (생각, 감정 등을) 불러오다
    to express clearly / 잘 설명하다, 잘 말하다
  • Q10
    inextricably (adv.)
    by which; through which / ~로 인해
    in a way that is impossible to separate or disentangle / 풀릴 수 없이, 불가분하게
    obviously, evidently, perceived easily / 당연히, 명백히
    too (surpassing a reasonable limit) / 지나치게
  • Q11
    foster (v.)
    to gather, assemble / 소집하다
    to talk about it very proudly in an offensive way / 자랑하다
    to merge, combine / 혼합하다
    to provide nurture; to help develop and grow / ~을 품다; ~가 성장하도록 돕다
  • Q12
    unduly (adv.)
    undeservedly; at a level that is uncalled for or unreasonable / 과도하게, 과분하게
    much greater in number or influence / 주로, 대부분
    plainly, obviously, evidently / 명백하게, 당연하게
    plainly, obviously, evidently / 명백하게, 당연하게
  • Q13
    materialistic (adj.)
    responsive to suggestion or control / 순응하는
    liable to change rapidly and unpredictably / 불안정한
    causing fear or unease / 위협적인
    caring only about money and riches / 속물적인, 돈만 밝히는, 물질주의
  • Q14
    amalgamation (n.)
    a merger / 합병
    the ability to think and act quickly and cleverly / 재주
    the act of obeying rules, laws, or regulations / 준수
    factor that controls, influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity / 변화, 상호작용 등에 영향을 주는 요소
  • Q15
    deleterious (adj.)
    excessive, lavish / 사치스러운
    persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired / 완강한
    harmful, damaging / 유해한
    expressing harsh criticism especially in a way that is funny / 신랄한

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