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[7/28] Day34 Vocab Test (INT)

Quiz by 베테랑스 어학원

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    distort (v.)
    to say, state, or perform again / ~을 반복하여 말하다
    run away quickly / ~을 피해 도망치다, ~에게서 달아나다, ~을 벗어나다
    to separate from the outside / ~을 둘러싸다
    to alter, twist, or mutate out of shape (usually negative) / ~을 뒤틀리게 하다, ~을 왜곡하다
  • Q2
    endorsement (n.)
    moving away in different directions from a common point / (같이 있던 것이) 분리 혹은 서로 멀어짐
    things that can be accomplished by something; state of having lots of utility / 기능; 기능의 많음
    support/approval / 추천, 지지
    intense dislike, open disrespect / 모독, 증오
  • Q3
    prod (v.)
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인이 Y라고 하다
    to push or poke against / 찌르다, 누르다, 살짝 밀다
    give equal rights to; of women and minorities; free from slavery or servitude / ~을 해방시키다, ~을 자유롭게 하다
    to emphasize / 강조하다
  • Q4
    hamper (v.)
    to apply to other, broader contexts or situations / ~를 다른 혹은 더 큰 개념이나 상황에 적용하다
    to make easier; to make something more likely to happen / ~을 용이하게 하다, ~을 쉽게 하다
    to use or manipulate to one's advantage / ~을 활용하다
    to prevent the progress or free movement of; to put at a disadvantage / ~을 방해하다; ~가 성공하지 못하도록 조치를 취하다
  • Q5
    trivial (adj.)
    peaceful, calm / 고요한, 잔잔한
    not extreme or harsh; at a reasonable level or degree / 지나치거나 심한 수준이 아닌; 적당한 수준의
    small, insignificant / 사소한, 중요하지 않은
    having value that is not acknowledged; not likely to be rewarded / 인정받지 못한
  • Q6
    deduce (v.)
    should ~ / ~해야 한다, ~하는게 좋다
    to support from collapsing (structure, belief) / ~을 유지하다, 지탱하다
    to win, convince, survive; to show the superiority over something / ~가 ~하도록 설득하다, ~를 이기다, ~보다 우월함을 보여주다
    to conclude by logic / ~에서 ~을 논리적으로 추론해내다
  • Q7
    pigment (n.)
    something (like money) given as payment/reward / 보상
    the quality of being sensible, reasonable, valid / 합리성, 멀쩡함, 견고함
    substance that creates color in clothes, paint, etc / 색을 내는 물질
    a large amount or quantity of / 부유함, 풍부함
  • Q8
    compromise (n.)
    resentment and jealousy towards another's success / 부러움, 부러움으로 생기는 증오
    feeling of extreme shock or surprise / 놀람, 경악
    accepted or permitted amount or level of something / 허용된 것 혹은 양
    a middle ground between two extremes / 타협
  • Q9
    tedious (adj.)
    small but comfortable / 아늑한
    very important, significant, all-changing; distinctive / 가장 특징적인; 결정적인
    able to endure something (without too much displeasure); somewhat accepting of something / 용인하는, 관용하는; 봐주는
    boring, not exciting / 지루한
  • Q10
    counterfeit (adj.)
    together with ~ / ~와 함께, ~와 협력하여
    quickly (usually too quickly) / 섣부른
    disrespect (as in looking down at someone) / 경멸
    fake; made with intent to deceive for the real thing / 위조된
  • Q11
    synthetic (adj.)
    causing confusion; unclear / 수수께끼 같은
    complex and high-level / 수준이 높고 복잡한/정교한
    man-made / 인공적인
    tending to reject; showing indifference or disregard / 경멸감을 보이는
  • Q12
    cluster (v.)
    to describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of / (대략적으로) 알려주다
    to explain (the cause or origin of) / ~의 원인이나 유래를 설명하다
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인이 Y라고 하다
    to come together or gather as a larger group / ~을 모으다, (더 큰 그룹으로) 모이다
  • Q13
    depiction (n.)
    attitude and action / 태도/행동
    description, portrayal / 묘사
    a dispute where there is active disagreement / 논란
    showing or experience dissastisfaction / 불만족
  • Q14
    musing (n.)
    an incorrect idea or understanding / 오해, 잘못된 생각
    showing or experience dissastisfaction / 불만족
    calm, significant consideration (doesn't have to be important) / 깊고 차분하게 한 생각 (중요하지 않을 수 있음)
    lack of concern; no preference to one or the other / 무관심; 선호도가 없는
  • Q15
    insincere (adj.)
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence / 영리한
    unable to be both true at the same time / 모순된
    so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period / 노후한, 시대에 뒤진
    not genuine; showing no honest reflection / 거짓의, 위선의

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