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7/4 Quiz

Quiz by Lindsey Kim

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  • Q1
    tenet (n.)
    a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy / 원칙
    the quality or attribute of being unstable and irresolute; unreliability attributable to being unstable; an unstable order; a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium / 정서 불안정
    paths nerves, cells, or chemicals take to signal or reach each other in the body. / (화학적, 신경적 신호등이 전달이 되는) 경로
    showing or experience dissastisfaction / 불만족
  • Q2
    reside (v.)
    have one's permanent home in a particular place / 거주하다
    to cut or carve into a surface / 새기다
    to gather, assemble / 소집하다
    to cause to move forward with force; give an incentive for action / ~을 몰고 가다; ~를 (앞으로 가도록) 밀다
  • Q3
    admonish (v.)
    limited to do something (as a responsibility or duty) / ~해야 하는, 얽매인
    to suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of something / 가정하다
    to turn (your eyes, gaze, etc.) away or aside / 외면하다
    to scold / 경고하다
  • Q4
    buttress (v.)
    keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits / 한정하다
    to make changes to; to edit / ~을 수선하다; ~을 수정하다, ~의 어떤 점을 변경하다
    to find out, to figure out / ~인지 확인하다, ~인지 알아내다
    to support / 지지하다
  • Q5
    accrue (v.)
    to take (something) away from someone especially as punishment or to enforce the law or rules / 압수하다
    a record of a count or score; to count or record / 기록/계산하다
    to accumulate or receive over time / 누적되다
    1. to look directly at someone in an angry way 2. to shine with a harsh, bright light / 1. 노려보다 2. 번쩍이다
  • Q6
    insulate (v.)
    to impart or inject gradually / ~을 ~에게 서서히 주입시키다
    to criticize harshly / 징계하다
    to separate from the outside / ~을 둘러싸다
    to cause confusion or mistake someone / 혼동시키다
  • Q7
    imbue (v.)
    to gather / 모으다
    to wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person) / ~을 갈망하다
    to inspire or permeate with a quality / 가득 채우다, 스며들다
    to increase in volume or intensity / 확대하다
  • Q8
    phenomenal (adj.)
    very important / 중추적인
    having little substance; weak (in terms of connection or relation) / 얇은, 가느다란; (연결이) 약한
    extraordinary; remarkable / 놀라운
    unnecessary, uncalled for / 고의의
  • Q9
    incur (v.)
    to save something (such as a building, a ship, or cargo) that is in danger of being completely destroyed / 구조하다
    to become subject to or experience (something, usually negative) / (비용 등을) 소요하다
    to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, or value / 약화시키다
    to scatter or distribute / 흩어지다
  • Q10
    grave (adj.)
    present in great quantity / 무성한, 풍부한
    puzzled, confused, or amused in a detached way / 혼란스러운
    very serious / 심각한, 중대한
    persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired / 완강한
  • Q11
    contention (n.)
    things that are provided (usually, "things" like articles mentioned in a contract or law) / 제공된 것; 법이나 계약서에 명시된 부분
    fluent, persuasive speech / 웅변, 유창함
    dispute; a point of dispute or disagreement; act of disputing or disagreement / 반대 주장, 반대, 반대로 인해 생기는 분쟁
    an assumption, at times premature, unwarranted or rude / (정확하지 않을 수 있는) 가정
  • Q12
    musing (n.)
    moving away in different directions from a common point / (같이 있던 것이) 분리 혹은 서로 멀어짐
    man-made object / 사람이 만든 것
    calm, significant consideration (doesn't have to be important) / 깊고 차분하게 한 생각 (중요하지 않을 수 있음)
    a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles / 배신자
  • Q13
    facility (n.)
    an examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death / 부검, 검시
    attitude and action / 태도/행동
    effortlessness; quality of doing something well easily / (무언가를 쉽게하는) 능력
    the act of dismantling or getting rid of a law or system (usually refers to slavery) / 폐지, 폐기
  • Q14
    overlap (v.)
    to come together or unite into one / 합체하다
    to destroy completely / 완전히 파괴하다
    extend over and cover part of the same area / 겹치다
    to get, gather, or put together as one whole / ~을 수집하다, (따로 있던 것들을) 하나로 합치다
  • Q15
    waive (v.)
    to make gloomy / 낙담시키다
    to conceive of; to imagine / ~을 상상하다, ~을 마음속에 그리다
    to abstain or hold back from doing something / 삼가다
    to voluntarily give up or relinquish / 포기하다

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