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7.7A / 7.8C /7.9AB

Quiz by Jennifer Stolze

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  • Q1
    James Prescott Joule was a physicist who studied the nature of heat and energy. Because of his contribution to physics, a unit of measurement known as the joule was named after him. What is the joule used to measure?
  • Q2
    What is a force?
    force times distance
    movement of an object
    how far an object moves
    A push or pull
  • Q3
    What is distance?
    Sun's light energy
    force times distance
    push or pull
    How far an object moves
  • Q4
    A skating waitress carries a tray to a customer. Is holding the heavy tray considered work?
    No, because the movement of the waitress and the the force holding the tray up are in different directions.
    Yes, because the waitress can cover the same distance faster by skating than walking.
    Yes, because the tray and the waitress carrying the tray are both moving toward the customer.
    No, because skating reduces the amount of friction and makes the job easier.
  • Q5
    Which is Not an example of work being done?
    Plant leaning toward an open window
    baby lifting a toy block
    Student recording data in a Science book
    quarterback holding a football
  • Q6
    A student uses 75 joules of work to move a refrigerator with a force of 1000 Newtons. How far did the student move the refrigerator?
    0.075 m
    0.001 m
    75,000 m
    75 m
  • Q7
    Two students help the teacher move stacks of books. One student uses a ramp and the other student does not. Which value remains constant when calculating the work done by the students?
    not here
  • Q8
    The mayor of a large city announced that the factory responsible for the point source pollution of the local lake would be closed because of its harmful actions toward the community. Why did the mayor describe the pollution as a point source pollution?
    The location where the pollution originated could be specified
    The location of the pollution in the lake could not be identified.
    The cause of the pollution could not be identified
    The pollution was released into a specific point in the lake
  • Q9
    All of the following are examples of how human activity affects groundwater and surface water in a watershed.EXCEPT-
    industrial chemicals traveling through natural ecosystems.
    home damage caused by flooding in low lying areas
    fertilizers increasing the survival of harmful microorganisms in rivers and lakes
    dam construction decreasing waterflow
  • Q10
    What is the difference between point source and non point source pollution?
    Point source pollution can be traced
    Point source pollution affects air, while nonpoint pollution affects water
    Point source pollution affects water, while nonpoint pollution affects air
    Point source pollution cannot be traced to the source, while nonpoint source pollution can be traced to the source
  • Q11
    How can human activity create a water shortage in a watershed?
    People can never create a water shortage because there is always more fresh water
    People manufacture fresh water to replenish the water cycle
    People dock too many boa ts in the water, displacing the water from the watershed
    People use water faster than the water cycle can replace it.
  • Q12
    What potential problem might occur if people in a community pumped too much water from a local aquifer?
    flooding would occur
    Subsidence of the land above the aquifer.
    Dirty water for the community
    Lack of space to store the water
  • Q13
    Earth has life because of all of the following EXCEPT:
    Liquid water
    Perfect distance from the sun
    Protective atmosphere
    Presence of animals
  • Q14
    Which statement best describes the effect of microgravity on an astronaut's bone health?
    the amount of physical stress on bones increases, resulting in an increase in bone density
    the amount of physical stress on bones decreases, resulting in an increase in bone density
    the amount of physical stress on bones increases, resulting in bone deterioration
    the amount of physical stress on bones decreases, resulting in bone deterioration
  • Q15
    All of the following are ways that atmosphere makes the existence of life on earth possible EXCEPT-
    shields Earth from small collisions
    allows for gas exchange between plants and animals
    maintains a constant temperature
    offers protection from radiation

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