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7th Grade Exit Ticket 1/31/2018

Quiz by Laura Waddell

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Some digestion of food occurs in the stomach. Here muscles churn food and enzymes break down complex food particles. What kind of change occurs during this phase of digestion?
    Chemical Changes, Only
    Physical and Chemical Changes
    Physical Changes, Only
    Neither Physical nor Chemical Changes
  • Q2
    Which of the following changes, that occurs during digestion, produces a result that indicates a chemical change has occurred
    The tongue shapes chewed food into a ball.
    Saliva changes charbohydrates into sugars.
    Ice cream melts in the mouth.
    Teeth crushes the food, changing the way it looks.
  • Q3
    The table provides information on the function of different digestive structures. Which of the digestive structures in the table can cause a chemical change to occur?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    Which of the following is an example of a physical change that occurs during digestion?
    Question Image
    In the stomach, contractions mix and churn food.
    In the stomach, pepsin turns proteins to amino acids.
    In the intestines, fatty acids are extracted from lipids.
    In the mouth, enzymes break down carbohydrates.
  • Q5
    Which of the following describes a chemical change that takes place during digestion?
    food moving through the small intestine
    hydrochloric acid acting on food particles
    the mouth grinding food
    the large intestine absorbing water

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