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7th Grade Exit Ticket Photosynthesis (3)

Quiz by Laura Waddell

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  • Q1
    Why is it necessary to have in this equation?
    Question Image
    The arrow tells the equation to yield.
    The process cannot occur without energy from the Sun.
    The arrow represents the specific direction of sunlight.
    Sunlight uses carbon dioxide and water to form sugar.
  • Q2
    What happens to the solar energy absorbed by plants during photosynthesis?
    It is converted into oxygen and glucose.
    It is transformed into chemical energy.
    It is stored as heat within the plant for cellular functions.
    It is recycled by the plant and returned to the atmosphere.
  • Q3
    Which of these converts light energy to chemical energy?
    the battery of a flashlight
    the bulb of a lamp
    the leaf of a plant
    the screen of a computer
  • Q4
    Which of the following is NOT correct about plant cells found in plant leaves?
    They consume other organisms for food.
    They absorb sunlight for energy.
    They make sugar in the form of glucose.
    They take in carbon dioxide.
  • Q5
    Photosynthesis uses raw materials for converting radiant energy into a more usable form. What is the usable form of energy produced by this process?
    Carbon dioxide, a form of thermal energy
    Oxygen, a form electrical energy
    Cellulose, a form of electrical energy.
    Glucose, a form of chemical energy.

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