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7th Grade - Life on Earth

Quiz by Carolina Carner

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    All of the following are necessary for life on earth except
    atmospheric gases
  • Q2
    Other planets of our solar system are not capable of sustaining life because
    They are too small
    They do not have an atmosphere and are either too cold or too hot
    They do not have a rocky surface with volcanic activity
    They lack carbon dioxide
  • Q3
    Some data about the atmosphere of Mars is shown above. What conclusion can be made about human ability to breathe Martian air?
    Question Image
    It will be impossible to breathe because the percentage of nitrogen is too low.
    Life support will be needed because the percentage of oxygen is too low.
    Humans will be able to breathe because oxygen is there.
    Oxygen and nitrogen will make it possible for photosynthesis to produce food.
  • Q4
    Our atmosphere is comprised mostly of _____________ and oxygen which serves as protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. (scaffolding question)
  • Q5
    What process is foundational (support/ first necessary) for all animal interactions in ecosystems?
  • Q6
    Name two (2) characteristics necessary for life to exist on Earth:
    organic compounds and fire
    oxygen and hydrothermal vents
    organic compounds and fire
    presence of water and a source of radiant energy
  • Q7
    How does the proximity (closeness) of the sun allow life to exist on the Earth:
    provides kinetic energy
    provides chemical energy
    provides potential energy
    provides radiant energy
  • Q8
    Which gas do astronauts need to be provided in order to carry out life processes on a space shuttle?
    carbon dioxide
  • Q9
    When astronauts walk on the moon, they must wear a space suit. What does the space suit provide for the astronaut?
    temperature control
  • Q10
    The International Space Station allows humans to live in space for many months. What accommodations have been made to allow humans to live on the space stations for many months?
    air recycling system
    made of titanium beams
    robotic arms
  • Q11
    Which of these is an accommodation that allows astronauts to work on the International Space Station remaining in space for long periods of time before returning to Earth?
    exercising to keep their bones from becoming weak from less gravity
    exercising to avoid gaining too much extra weight
    exercising to generate power for the space station
    exercising to relieve the stress of working in space
  • Q12
    An astronaut, who has just returned from six months on the space station, has to be helped from the spacecraft once back on Earth. What is one reason the astronaut may need to be helped?
    Space food does not provide enough energy.
    The spacesuits are too heavy to be worn in Earth’s gravity
    Reentry had formed nitrogen bubbles in the astronaut’s blood.
    Living in microgravity weakens muscles and bones.
  • Q13
    Student makes a model of a spacesuit. The model includes a helmet, gloves, shoes, a total body covering, and a radio. What vital part of the spacesuit does the student still need to add?
    Question Image
    an oxygen system
    a way to drink
    a robotic arm
  • Q14
    A student’s younger sister was watching a news story about the possibility of water on Mars. The sister asked the student, “Why is finding water so important?” What should the student explain to the sister?
    All planets have evidence of water.
    Water is required for life to exist.
    Only Earth has evidence of water.
    Scientists like to make discoveries.
  • Q15
    A student was reading a news article about the increasing size of a hole in the ozone layer near Scandinavia, which is shown in the picture provided. The student commented to a classmate that the people in Scandinavia had better wear sun screen protection. Why would the student make this comment?
    Question Image
    A. Scandinavia will become hotter.
    The ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation.
    Scandinavians are outside a lot.
    The ozone layer blocks solar winds.

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