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7th Grade Science Class - Analyzing an Ecosystem Part 2

Quiz by Carolina Carner

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  • Q1
    The Pineywoods region of Texas has over 85 species of trees and over a thousand species of flowering plants. What is true about erosion in this region?
    The plants soak up all the water drying the soil leaving it exposed to erosion
    There is lots of soil erosion due to the large amount of vegetation
    The falling leaves act as compost and fertilize the soil
    There is little soil erosion due to the large amount of vegetation, Plants roots keep the soil in place.
  • Q2
    Why is soil erosion more common in ecoregions that lack adequate vegetation?
    because plant roots help keep the soil in place
    because soil erosion is stopped by reduced vegetation
    because gravity pulls on the plants and increases erosion
    because the lack of adequate vegetation affects the soil pressure and erosion rate
  • Q3
    Sixty percent of the Texas Gulf Coast shoreline erodes from 30cm to 15m per year. This results in
    The formation of barrier islands
    Fertile soils for plant growth
    The formation of canyons
    erosion changing the shoreline.
  • Q4
    According to the figure, which eco-region in Texas would see the most erosion by running water?
    Question Image
    Panhandle Plains
    Gulf Coast
    Hill Country
    South Texas Plains
  • Q5
    The gulf side of Padre Island have smoother coastlines than their inland coastlines because of the erosional effects of
    Question Image
    Wave action
    Human pedestrians
    Migration of animals
  • Q6
    A teacher used a stream table to model how a Texas river changes the surface of the Earth. When the teacher finishes pouring the water, which change will most likely have taken place?
    The largest pieces of sediment will dissolve in the water
    The height of the pile of sediments will increase at the top of the hill.
    The land area will build up where the river meets the ocean.
    New mountains will form on the ocean floor.
  • Q7
    How has weathering affected Enchanted Rock?
    Question Image
    The breakdown of surrounding sedimentary rock has exposed the huge granite dome
    Large cracks appear due to the rocks heating by day and contracting in the cool night
    The growth of plant roots wedging apart rocks as they grow
    All of the answers
  • Q8
    The best choice to place in Box Y of the graphic organizer is __
    Question Image
    Physical weathering
    Chemical weathering
  • Q9
    Which of the following would be the most effective way to prevent environmental damage from floods?
    Digging up the soil along the banks of rivers so that it will absorb more water
    People should not move buildings and roads above the flood level
    Avoiding construction that destroys dunes, swamps and flood plains
  • Q10
    In late 2004, an earthquake occurred on the bottom of the ocean near the west coast of Indonesia. It was so strong that is caused the entire planet to vibrate 1 cm. What catastrophic events did this create?
    Volcanoes erupted worldwide destroying plant life on the slopes of the volcanoes.
    Typhoons destroyed coastline communities and damaged property.
    Tsunamis eroded beach environments and killed coastal wildlife.
    The speed of continental drift increased dividing ecosystems.
  • Q11
    Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and wildfires which impact ecosystems are all examples of
    catastrophic events
    primary succession
    energy sources for producers
  • Q12
    Predict which ecosystems in Texas would face the greatest damage due to potential erosion from a hurricane
    Question Image
    Ecosystems near Austin
    Ecosystems near Laredo
    Ecosystems near Corpus Christi
    Ecosystems near San Antonio
  • Q13
    Which of the following best describes how a hurricane can affect a marine ecosystem?
    Added rainfall increases marine plant growth.
    Tide surges rip out and kill many marine plants and displace many marine organisms.
    Heavy precipitation flood roads, towns, and cities, destroying property.
  • Q14
    How would a hurricane most likely affect the Costal Prairie?
    Storm surge, waves, and high winds would result in erosion that would destroy the Coastal Prairie.
    Storm surge, waves, and high winds would not affect to Coastal Prairie
  • Q15
    The diagram below shows a sequence of environmental changes in an area over a long period of time. Which statement best describes the changes shown in the diagram?
    Question Image
    Over time, the number of fish increases.
    Precipitation follows cloud formation.
    Over time, one natural area is replaced by another.

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