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7th Grade Science End of Year Test

Quiz by Christy Shelley

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  • Q1
    Both primary and secondary succession begin with pioneer species that _______
    change the area and make it safer from predatory organisms
    invade the area so that new organisms cannot be established
    modify the area and allow larger and more complex organisms to appear
    use up all the existing resources and prevent establishment of non-native organisms
  • Q2
    According to cell theory, all cells ________
    carry out meiosis
    contain chloroplast
    have a nuclear membrane
    come from other cells
  • Q3
    Which statement below best describes how biodiversity contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
    Low biodiversity reduces the competition for resources, which helps native species survive
    Fewer species in the ecosystem reduces the likelihood that disease spreads through the ecosystem
    Having more species in an ecosystem allows the human population to increase in size.
    A variety of plant and animal species allows from more survivors of a natural disaster.
  • Q4
    DDT is a pesticide that causes the eggshells of certain birds, like the brown pelican, to become fragile and thin. The adult birds would accidentally crush the eggs while incubating them. What happened to the brown pelican populations as a result of DDT use by humans?
    The populations increased much more slowly
    The populations remained stable over time
    The populations decreased because fewer birds survived long enough to hatch
    The populations increased as pelicans laid more eggs so that more offspring would survive
  • Q5
    An energy pyramid is shown. Based on the model, which consumers would receive the greatest amount of energy captured by the producers in their food chains?
    Question Image
    Eucalyptus trees
    Wedge-tailed eagles
    Ring-tailed opossums
  • Q6
    How does the agricultural activity most likely affect the surface water of the area?
    Question Image
    Crops absorb pure water from the soil, causing the remaining water to contain more salt.
    Crops reduce erosion, increasing the amount of soil entering the river.
    Excess crop fertilizer is carried by runoff into the river, causing excess growth of water plants.
    Excess crop material accumulates on the riverbanks, slowing the movement of the river water.
  • Q7
    A student drew the picture of the human body system below. The student labeled some of the organs of the system. The main function of this system is to _________
    Question Image
    trap particles that enter the nose
    exchange gases with the environment
    chew food as it enters the mouth
    sense odors in the environment
  • Q8
    Many Texas caves provide a habitat for animals. The diagram below shows the relationships of some organisms involved in a cave ecosystem. Based on the diagram, which of the following statements is valid?
    Question Image
    Owls are predators of bats, and bats are predators of moths
    Beetles complete with bats and cave spiders
    Snakes prey on bats and owls
    None of these
  • Q9
    A student listed how different parts of the body work to aid in the digestion of food. Which of the following is a chemical change that occurs to the food?
    Question Image
    The movement of food to the stomach after food is swallowed
    The breakdown of molecules of food by enzymes and acid in the stomach
    None of these
    The reduction in size of food particles when food is chewed
  • Q10
    If mice were eliminated from this web, which conclusion could you make?
    Question Image
    Since only mice eat grass, the grass population would increase
    The fox population would increase because of less prey
    The hawks would not directly be affected because they don't eat mice
    The grasshoppers would decrease due to fewer predators
  • Q11
    Part of a human body system is pictured below. The main function of this system is to _______
    Question Image
    control reproduction
    transport oxygen
    produce hormones
    remove waste
  • Q12
    Which sentence best describes how energy flows through this pyramid?
    Question Image
    Energy is transferred from organisms in one level to those in the level above
    Energy is transferred down each level of the energy pyramid
    The organisms at the bottom level provide energy directly to the organisms in all the other levels
    The energy lost at each level is consumed by the organisms in the top level
  • Q13
    The diagram below shows parts of a cell. Which organelle stores the information that determines an individual's blood type?
    Question Image
    Organelle 4
    Organelle 2
    Organelle 1
    Organelle 3
  • Q14
    A group of students prepared a table listing the types of reproduction that occur in several organisms. Based on this information, which of the organisms can produce offspring that are genetically identical to the parent organism?
    Question Image
    Amoebas and yeasts only
    Ferns only
    Amoebas, yeasts, hydras, and ferns only
    Cats, hydras, frogs, and ferns only
  • Q15
    A partial marine food web is shown below. Green crabs carry a parasitic worm that can infect organisms that prey on the crabs. Which organism is most likely to be infected with this parasite?
    Question Image
    Blue mussels
    Marsh periwinkles

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