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8 Characteristics of Life

Quiz by Sarah Grant-Kidd

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Living things are made of one or more cells that are specialized (ex. animals, plants, bacteria)
    Cellular Organization
  • Q2
    All living things can have offspring similar to or exactly like themselves (ex. newborn baby)
  • Q3
    A collection of chemical reactions in the body that break down or build up materials to produce energy (ex. digestion)
  • Q4
    Maintaining a stable internal environment (ex. normal temperature)
  • Q5
    All living things contain DNA (genetic codes) that gets passed from parents to their offspring (ex. eye color, hair color)
    Genetic Material
  • Q6
    A reaction to a specific event (ex. plant turning to the sun)
    Response to stimuli
  • Q7
    The process of cells increasing in size and number and the body changing physically over time (ex. tadpole to frog)
    Growth and development
  • Q8
    A population of the fittest organisms changing over a long period of time due to their environment (ex. giraffes now have longer necks)
    Adaptation through evolution

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