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8/09 Deeplearning Quiz

Quiz by Yejun Kim

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    precondition (n.)
    self-governance / 자치권
    a channel or means of transmitting / 도관, 매개체
    a requirement or condition that must be met / 사전조건
    the study of the structure of living things / 해부학
  • Q2
    enzyme (n.)
    widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of their achievements or quality / 명성
    a journey to a faraway place, usually by sea / (바다로) 여행하다
    a biological catalyst / 효소; 활성 단백질
    a disease that causes death and that spreads quickly to a large number of people / 역병
  • Q3
    notwithstanding (adv.)
    despite; in spite of / ~에도 불구하고
    obviously, evidently, perceived easily / 당연히, 명백히
    despite; in spite of / ~에도 불구하고
    in a way that is impossible to separate or disentangle / 풀릴 수 없이, 불가분하게
  • Q4
    domain (n.)
    lack of care and attention / 무시
    an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government / 영역
    examination of one's own thoughts and feelings / 자기 반성
    the occurrence, rate, or frequency of something, especially something unwanted / 발생율
  • Q5
    formulate (v.)
    to say, state, or perform again / ~을 반복하여 말하다
    to create; to come up with / ~을 만들어내다
    to cause or intend to cause harm / 비방하다
    to praise highly / 칭찬하다
  • Q6
    astonishment (n.)
    belief in the ideal (perfection, utopian idea), usually naive or unrealistic / 이상주의
    feeling of extreme shock or surprise / 놀람, 경악
    an independent-minded person / 독불장군
    an incorrect idea or understanding / 오해, 잘못된 생각
  • Q7
    dismayed (adj.)
    passionate, intense / 열렬한
    struck with fear or dread / 당황한, 동요된, 불안한
    extraordinarily large or great / 엄청난
    relating to a large company or group / 기업의
  • Q8
    reverberate (v.)
    to evoke a strong emotional response or similarity / 공감하다
    be repeated several times as an echo / 울려퍼지다
    to make (someone) feel very ashamed or foolish / 모욕하다
    to evoke a strong emotional response or similarity / 공감하다
  • Q9
    feasibility (n.)
    the state of being first or most important / 우위
    something that is done to prevent possible harm or trouble from happening in the future / 예방책
    emotional release / 정화
    the quality of being doable / 실행 가능성
  • Q10
    forthcoming (adj.)
    expressing harsh criticism especially in a way that is funny / 신랄한
    planned or scheduled to happen in the near future / 예정된
    present at birth; inherent; not learned / 고유의, 본질적인, 선천적인
    not able to be seen through; not transparent / 불투명한
  • Q11
    withstand (v.)
    to readapt, restore; to help to readapt / 복귀 혹은 회복하다; ~의 복귀를 돕다
    to endure or offer resistance to somebody or something / ~을 견디다
    to make (something) illegal / 불법화하다
    to spread, distribute / 보급하다
  • Q12
    misperception (n.)
    a misportrayal; a public's wrongful idea regarding something / 오해, 잘못된 인식
    exaggerated portrayal / 풍자화, 캐리커쳐
    the amount of confidence and cheerfulness that a group of people have / 사기
    a condition or requirement / 조건
  • Q13
    unconventional (adj.)
    having central or great importance / 핵심의
    not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed / 독특한
    different, unrelated / 이질적인
    not harmful or offensive / 무해한
  • Q14
    myriad (adj.)
    characterized by hunting other animals; tending to exploit others / 포식하는, 사냥하는, 이용하는
    countless or extremely large in number / 무수한
    very foolish / 우스꽝스러운
    appearing or developing early (usually intellectually) / 조숙한
  • Q15
    evanescent (adj.)
    fleeting, transient / 잠깐 머무는
    based on personal experience (not scientific) / 우연한 관찰에 따른, 비과학적인
    adhering to social rules and manners / 매너있는, 차분한
    enabling a person to learn or discover something for themselves / 경험적인

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