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8-1.6 Review

Quiz by Matthew Harder

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    people have a voice in government
    Democratic Government
  • Q2
    A law making body made of two houses. In South Carolina these were the Grand Council and Commons House
    Bicameral legislature
  • Q3
    Part of the bicameral legislature, made up of representatives for the Lords Proprietors, the elites, and the common people. Lords Proprietors had the power to veto laws
    Grand Council
  • Q4
    A colony ruled by an individual or group of people who were chosen by a king or queen
    Proprietary Colony
  • Q5
    A colony ruled by a governor appointed by the king
    Royal Colony
  • Q6
    Eight men given control of Carolina by the king, attracted settlers by sharing political control with property owners
    Lord Proprietors
  • Q7
    Group that controlled most of the wealth and political power in South Carolina, lived in the Lowcountry
    Political Elite
  • Q8
    Established in South Carolina to make laws, including taxes, for the colony
    Legislative Assembly
  • Q9
    Part of the bicameral legislature, created to represent the common people of South Carolina. Dominated by wealthy Low Country planters
    Commons House of Assembly
  • Q10
    The king reached a financial agreement with the Lord Proprietors and Carolina became a royal colony. Because of this, Carolina was split into North and South Carolina
    Split of Carolina

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