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8.4 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A sit-in was staged on the State Department's sidewalk protesting a proposed pipeline from Alaska to the Gulf Coast. The 1st Amendment provides that such a protest is permissible
    as long as it does not take place in public spaces and thoroughfares.
    in public spaces where there is no infringement on others' rights.
    with prior permission from local officials as to the content of the protest.
    as long as the viewpoint being expressed is not controversial.
  • Q2
    The Constitution limits the role of government with regard to the rights of petition and assembly in order to
    prevent illegal or rowdy behavior that might arise during the duration of the assembly.
    prevent interference with the expression of opposing and unpopular views.
    establish compensation for law enforcement for the extra help needed to supervise the assembly.
    prevent disorganization during the assembly or demonstration.
  • Q3
    Which of the following is constitutional?
    laws that require advance notice for demonstrations
    laws that require an organization to disclose the names of its members
    laws that prohibit demonstrations on public property
    laws that regulate assemblies based on their message
  • Q4
    When private property rights and the right of assembly come into conflict, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court?
    private property rights take precedence over the right of assembly, except in cases involving the gathering of petitions for a political cause
    the right of assembly takes precedence over private property rights, except in cases in which the assembly is held in a shopping cente
    private property rights take precedence over the right of assembly
    the right of assembly takes precedence over private property rights
  • Q5
    In Forsyth County v. Nationalist Movemen, the Court allowed a pro-Nazi group to assemble in a community hostile to their views and overturned local ordinances prohibiting the assembly. This decision reflects the fact that the government
    cannot use State or local laws to prevent a peaceable assembly on the basis of what might be said there.
    is free to issue whatever ordinances they need to in order to prevent hostile groups from assembling.
    can ask certain groups to relocate their demonstration so as not to disturb area residents.
    can use State and local laws to demand compensation for costs incurred while policing an event.

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