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8a - A Determined New Citizen (C/C)

Quiz by Krista Dunn

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  • Q1
    Select the sentence in paragraph 2 below that best summarizes the main idea of the paragraph.
    “Haiti is warm and sunny year-round.”
    “Iowa’s cold winters were difficult for Pierre and his family.”
    “Also, Pierre looked different from his new schoolmates.”
    “Moving to Iowa was a big change.”
  • Q2
    According to the text, what is one thing that Pierre had to do in Iowa that he did not have to do in Haiti?
    He had to speak French to his family.
    He had to wear lighter clothing.
    He had to study hard.
    He had to tell others what Haiti is like.
  • Q3
    How was Pierre different from his schoolmates?
    He spoke with an accent.
    He cared about other people.
    He studied all the time.
    He liked cold winters.
  • Q4
    Which sentence from paragraph 3 tells how Pierre was similar to the other kids at his school
    Pierre spoke Creole and French in his home country.
    He struggled to learn English. He wanted to lose his accent.
    He wanted to fit in at his new school.
    And, like his schoolmates, he had to study hard to her good grades.
  • Q5
    Which word in paragraph 2 BEST expresses the idea that Pierre's family wanted their neighbors to know more about them?
  • Q6
    Why does the author include this quote from Pierre in paragraph 5: "We should never forget where we come from"?
    to explain for Pierre's hard work has paid off
    to explain why Pierre became a lawyer
    to explain what motivated Pierre to work so hard
    to explain why Pierre works with recent immigrants

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