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5 questions
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  • Q1
    The Espionage and Sedition Acts affected freedom of speech because they
    promoted biased ideas designed to sway people’s thinking.
    forced restaurant owners to offer “liberty sandwiches” rather than “hamburgers.”
    allowed the government to silence ideas that challenged its authority.
    forced the repeal of the First Amendment.
  • Q2
    What reason did Senators give for opposing U.S. membership in the League of Nations?
    It would increase American finances.
    It would interfere with free-trade agreements.
    It would drag the United States into European conflicts.
    It would lead to international instability.
  • Q3
    What act required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service?
    John J. Pershing Act
    Espionage Act
    American Freedom Act
    Selective Service Act
  • Q4
    What term describes the mass migration of African-Americans to Northern cities?
    Operation Overland
    The Great Migration
    Operation Freedom
    The North-Eastern Migration
  • Q5
    Because militarism had been a major cause of the war, the framers of the Treaty of Versailles
    required the German government to relocate to Versailles.
    forced Germany to be under the direct control of Russia.
    stripped Germany of its colonies in Africa.
    barred Germany from maintaining an army.

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