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8th Grade EOC Challenge

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  • Q1
    What is the conflict management that allows a win-win?
  • Q2
    Which is an example of a long range goal?
    earning all A's this quarter
    Arriving on time to my classes
    Completing High School
    Earning an A on my science project
  • Q3
    A student in your math class is very quiet and becomes nervous when called upon in class. The student fears being made fun of or thought to be stupid if answering a question wrong. When the teacher calls upon the student, the student becomes too nervous to answer even when the student knows the correct answer. Using your conflict management skills, what advice should you give this classmate to overcome this problem?
    Tell the student to sit in the back of the room and avoid eye-contact with the teacher and classmates.
    Tell the student to talk to the teacher privately and explain the problem so they can work through it together.
    Tell the student to take lots of notes to look busy.
    Tell the student to make jokes all the time to ease his tension.
  • Q4
    To gain a deeper understanding of informational text, which strategy below would be the least effective technique to use when marking the text?
    Highlight key terms.
    Number the paragraphs.
    Circle the dialogue.
    Underline important information.
  • Q5
    Which question is not a level 2 question?
    Hypothesize the effects of erosion on the beach after 10 years.
    Compare the effects of erosion and weathering on the beach.
    Illustrate the effects of erosion on the beach.
    Distinguish the difference between weathering and erosion.
  • Q6
    Bob presented his TRF to the tutorial group. He began by placing his information on the white board and waiting for the group to give their advice. Sally and Jon asked him questions to guide him to the answer. When he was finished his tutor asked him to explain how to find his answer. What did Bob do wrong?
    he wrote his information on the board
    He did not begin with a 30 second speech.
  • Q7
    What is not a way to show important information on Cornell Notes?
    Write all in CAPS
  • Q8
    T/F When using the easier first method of test taking you should always answer the easier questions first and skip the hard questions until finished.
  • Q9
    In order to persuade the his mom to buy him a cell phone Bob told his mom 3 out of 4 students have a phone in his class. Which technique of persuasion did Bob use?
    Logical Argument
    Expert Opinion
    Specific Example
  • Q10
    The students read an article on the pros and cons of the school dress code. Which type of discussion should the teacher use to discuss the article?
    Philosophical Chair
    Socratic Seminar
    Socratic Chair
    Philosophical Seminar

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