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8th Grade SS - 8.4C

Quiz by Debbie Turner

Grade 8
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 8
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

8.4.C: Social Studies - History

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which group was responsible for answering these questions?
    Question Image
    Colonists negotiating the Albany Plan of Union
    Settlers creating the Mayflower Compact
    Representatives drafting the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    Delegates writing the Articles of Confederation
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q2
    To which of the following is Abigail Adams referring in this excerpt?
    Question Image
    American victory at the Battle of Yorktown
    The bravery of American soldiers at Valley Forge
    The arrival of French aid after the Battle of Saratoga
    The negotiation of the Treaty of Paris by American diplomats
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q3
    Which of the following best completes this excerpt?
    Question Image
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q4
    What was one result of the Treaty of Paris of 1783?
    Competing Seminole and Spanish claims in West Florida were resolved.
    British territory in eastern Canada was ceded to France.
    Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent country.
    The British navy agreed to stop pressing American sailors into service.
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q5
    Why is the Battle of Saratoga considered a turning point in the Revolutionary War?
    The British defeat marked the beginning of a steady decline in British military superiority.
    The American defeat led many soldiers to desert the Continental army.
    The American victory convinced France to ally with the United States.
    The British victory extended the fighting for another year.
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q6
    What does this list suggest about the drafters of the Articles of Confederation?
    Question Image
    They feared that a strong central government would abuse its power.
    They were uncertain that democracy would continue to be the best type of government.
    They did not want a judicial system based upon that of Great Britain.
    They did not think that state governments could provide for the general welfare.
    8.4.C: Social Studies - History

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