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9 weeks review

Quiz by Karen Shumaker

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is true regarding prokaryotes?
    Most prokaryotes are bacteria
    Most prokaryotes are fungi
    Most prokaryotes are plants
    Most prokaryotes are protists
  • Q2
    What is one way in which all eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells are similar?
    They are contained in a cell membrane
    They share the same kind of organelles
    They reproduce sexually
    They are roughly the same size
  • Q3
    What process would be directly affected if all of a cell's ribosomes were weakened?
    metabolizing glucose to produce ATP
    transporting nutrients across the cell membrane
    producing new protein
    replicating DNA
  • Q4
    What is included in the definition of a scientific theory?
    a description of natural events
    a statement of what most people believe to be true
    a conclusion agreed upon by experimentation
    a well-tested explanation of natural events
  • Q5
    An experiment was conducted to determine the effects of different levels of caffeine on exercise performance. What are the levels of caffeine?
    dependent variable
    controlled variables
    independent variable

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