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9/19/18 Experimental Design bellringer

Quiz by Sarah

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  • Q1
    What was the problem that SpongeBob wanted to investigate?
    If you wash your pants more often are they cleaner?
    Is the length of time pants are washed important?
    Does Clean-O detergent clean pants better than water?
    How does water temperature affect cleaning pants?
  • Q2
    What is SpongeBob's independent variable?
    water temperature
    laundry soap
    how clean the pants are
    time the pants are washed
  • Q3
    What is SpongeBob's dependent variable?
    water temperature
    length of wash time
    laundry soap
    how clean the pants are
  • Q4
    What is the control group in the experiment?
    pants washed in Clean-O
    pants being washed three times
    pants washed in water
    the pants washed in cold water
  • Q5
    Which of the following is a controlled variable?
    where the soap is bought
    the laundry soap
    number of times the pants are washed
    how clean the pants are
  • Q6
    What should SpongeBob's conclusion be?
    Clean-O does not clean his pants any better than water
    Clean-O cleans pants better than water
    Water cleans pants better than Clean-O
    Cold water cleans pants better than warm water

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