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9.2 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Why are women labeled as a minority group?
    Women are less numerous than the American male population.
    Women have only recently become recognized as being on an equal plane as men in the United States.
    Women have played a lesser role in the economic, social, and political development of the country.
    Women have suffered the same types of discrimination as minority groups.
  • Q2
    How are the discriminatory actions of the United States government towards Native Americans and Hispanic Americans similar?
    The U.S. government desired both group's wealth.
    The U.S. government thought both groups were violent.
    The U.S. government found that both groups had undermined its authority.
    The U.S. government wanted to claim both group's land.
  • Q3
    Which of the following MOSTLY came to the United States as refugees?
    African Americans
    Cuban Americans
    Pacific Islanders
    Japanese Americans
  • Q4
    What similarity can be found between the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the forced relocation of Asian Americans during World War II?
    both are evidence of discriminatory attitudes toward Asian Americans
    both resulted in a severe drop in the numbers of Asian immigrants to the U.S.
    both led to acts of violence against Asian Americans
    both actions were found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court
  • Q5
    Why do you think the Declaration of Sentiments was designed to echo the Declaration of Independence?
    The women were asserting the fact that they have always been equal citizens under the law.
    The women intended the document to be viewed as a sarcastic statement of the unfairness to which they were subjected.
    The women wanted people to understand that the discrimination they faced was as frustrating and unacceptable as that faced by the colonists.
    The women thought it was in their best interest to model their document on the Declaration.

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