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9.3 DQ

Quiz by Isaiah Hicks

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which law is most likely to pass the strict scrutiny test?
    a law that prevents people of specific background from moving into public housing
    a law that requires men and women to attend different universities
    a law that allows noncitizens to vote in State and local elections
    a law that stops teens from drinking alcohol in public places
  • Q2
    The Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education
    held that Mexican Americans are also protected by the 14th Amendment.
    established the separate-but-equal doctrine for public facilities.
    required that separate facilities for African Americans be equal to those provided for white Americans.
    struck down laws that allowed separate public schools for white and African Americans.
  • Q3
    Why did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 NOT affect private schools?
    Private schools have never been segregated.
    Private schools do not receive federal funding.
    Private schools were addressed in a different congressional act.
    Private schools are not regulated by the government.
  • Q4
    The case of Hernandez v. Texas was important because it opened the door to cases based on
    discrimination that advances compelling governmental interests.
    discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    discrimination targeting various minority groups.
    discrimination against women.
  • Q5
    Which of the following has the Supreme Court found to be constitutional?
    admitting only men to a military institute
    barring women from jury duty
    requiring only men to register for the draft
    denying a law enforcement job to a woman based on gender

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