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A Birthday Basket for Tia(Critical questions)

Quiz by Wafaa Yussuf

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1.Why did Cecilia call it a secret day?
    -She didn't know what day it was.
    -Her aunt's birthday party was a surprise.
    -She thought someone was keeping a secret.
  • Q2
    2. What did Cecilia put in the basket first?
    -a flower pot
    - a tea cup
    - a book
  • Q3
    3.Who was Chica?
    -Tia's daughter
    -Cecilia's sister
    -Cecilia's cat
  • Q4
    4.You can tell that Cecilia............................
    -doesn't like parties.
    -loves her Tia very much.
    -wants it to be her birthday.
  • Q5
    5.Why did Cecilia put the ball in the basket?
    -She couldn't find anything else to put in.
    -She and Tia played with it together.
    -Tia told her she wanted a ball.
  • Q6
    6.What could be another title for the story?
    -Cecilia's Cat
    -The Musical Birthday
    -The Special Gifts
  • Q7
    7.Why does Mama ask Cecilia what day is it?
    -She does not know which day of the week is it.
    -She wants to make sure that Cecilia remembers that today is Tia’s birthday.
    -She does not know what to buy for Tia.
  • Q8
    8.What does Cecilia want to use the basket for?
    - It’s a birthday basket for Tia.
    -It's a birthday basket for Mama.
    - It’s a birthday basket for Chica.
  • Q9
    9.Why did the family have a special birthday party for Tia?
    -Because she was visiting from far away.
    -Because it was her ninetieth birthday.
    -because She never had a party before.
  • Q10
    10.How do you know Cecilia and Mama love Tia?
    -Mama cooks beans and prepares other food for Tia’s surprise party. Cecilia draws a picture of Tia and thinks about what to give her for her birthday.
    -Mama cooks beans and Cecilia thought only about the basket.
    -Mama and Cecilia did not know what exactly to do.

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